“To me, INVINCIBLE is more like an attitude and a sense of freedom, ‘un•fuck•able•ness,’ if you will. INVINCIBLE is a decision to do what you want creatively, even if you think its not possible, even if people tell you it can’t be done, just to prove that it is.”

- Ryan Belmonte, Creative Director -


Founded by Ryan Belmonte, aka "Hashtag Runechi,” INVINCIBLE is a design company that represents the concept of living for creative enjoyment over living for money or success by popular opinion. After a decade of designing hair as a stylist and international platform artist and educator for popular American hair company, Ryan elected to phase out that career in favor of one he had always wanted to pursue. The creative force that drives INVINCIBLE is the notion that if you do or create what makes you feel right, no one can take that away from you. Moving forward, the vision is bigger; the reality is bigger than anyone could ever see or imagine now. INVINCIBLE is a company that is here in the present but represents the future and what is to come. The possibilities for growth are endless so long as we remember, “there are no obstacles, only challenges.”